The beginning of the beginning

Hello Good Citizens of the world

Hi out there

Hi! (much better)

Why should my FB friends be my only victims, er, readers? I’m a complicated person and sometimes the thoughts don’t always make sense, but there’s something about it that seems to resonate with people.

So I said to myself, “You sexy b!tch you, you should start writing about your journey into mental clarity.” Between you and me, though, I don’t think I’ve even pulled out of the garage on that one! Hopefully, you can share in and maybe even contribute to my self-discovery!

Things you should consider before following this blog:

  • I really WANT to post here every day, diary style, but we’ll see how that goes! You know what? Some days, nothing really happens!
  • If you’re on my FB, there might be some overlap, I mean, I’m not an original-thinking, creative machine, people!!!
  • Some of these posts will include sporadic rants about seemingly harmless things. Don’t get me started on ladies’ tights or rainboots!!!
  • I would love for this to be interactive, so feel free to jump in and interact.
  • I overuse exclamation marks! If you have met me, you’ll agree that I talk in exclamation marks too, right?
  • I already know that some of my posts will be TMI, but there’s nothing I can do about that. My filter hasn’t worked since I was about 11.

Okay, pull up a chair, buckle yourself in and enjoy my offerings.


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