Colour me impressed!

So today is the first post of my monthly challenge where I don’t have a prompt to help me get focused. ACK! I sat at the computer with my tea and I was ready to write, but about what?? Then I realized that I was sitting at my computer ready to write. Whaaaaaaaaaaaat? When did that happen? When did I become a Daily Writer?

It’s kinda cool. Now, I may fling myself off the wagon in a few days (you never know), but for today, I feel kinda badass! It’s all about the little victories, right?

It reminds me of my journey/desire to ride a bike. No, not a motorcycle, but a 2-wheel bike. Yes, I’m in my mid 30’s and until this year, I didn’t know how to ride a real bike. It was something that I’ve always wanted to do – ride around the Stanley Park Sea Wall or through the trails of Central Park. I don’t own a bike and I think buying it and not being able to ride it would be a badge of failure, so I never got one and I never tried.

This summer, Kidlet and I went to a resort in the Caribbean and part of the amenities was full access to a variety of bikes to get around. One day, I decided, it’s a strange country, no one knows me, I should try it. Kidlet had no idea that I was a mere human with an inability to do something as simple as ride a bike. I heard, “Come on, Mum, let’s go! Just try it.” I looked into his eyes and I saw the reflection of a hero looking back at me and I thought, “I better get my butt on that bike!” I jumped on and, though a little wobbly at first, I was able to ride. It was incredible: conquering that fear, wind whipping through my hair, unused thigh muscles burning, seeing Kidlet in the distance looking back at me, smiling. Siiiiiiiigh.

My word today is you have the ability to impress yourself. Things may seem improbable (and often impossible), but if I can get on a bike and take a ride or I can wake up at 8 am on a Saturday and churn out a coherent post without a prompt, next thing you know, I’ll be taking the recycling out every day or washing my car BEFORE it’s covered in dirt! Hmmm…that sounds like I’m getting carried away there, but never say never!

Have a great day! See you tomorrow!



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