Double digit followers – YAY!

Homemade e-card! :)

Homemade e-card! πŸ™‚

Well, well, well….guess who has 11 followers after 15 days of blogging?! Me! I can’t believe it. In the billions of people in the world, 11 seems insignificant, but to little old me, it might as well be 11 million followers.

I’ve always wanted to blog. I’ve always felt like I had a lot to say – nothing all that deep or earth-shattering – but I’ve been on a personal journey for a while now, and I’ve learned some things that I think are interesting and that others might want to hear. I’ve been challenged by a lack of creativity and focus in the past, but maybe the time hadn’t been right. Now, at this point in the time, I’m ready to share coherent thoughts with readers looking for some entertainment and/or insight.

I’ve looked at the profiles of the 11 people and it’s quite an eclectic bunch. I’m not sure why they decided to follow (and I’m happy they did!), but obviously, something has resonated with them. I’m happy to be able to share parts of my journey that readers all around the world find value in.

I left the house early this morning and the first thing I did when I came home tonight (well, second after checking FB) – even before putting the kettle on for tea – was to sit down and write this post. Doing anything before tea on a winter night is a pretty big deal!

I guess the point is that I’m working hard on something I’ve made a commitment to and it feels good to see that people appreciate it. So my word today is keep on keeping on. One of my most motivating thoughts continues to be: “Even a baby step is a move away from where you are and is better than just standing still.”

11 followers? Wow!

Have a great night and I’ll see you tomorrow! I’m going to put the kettle on.



7 thoughts on “Double digit followers – YAY!

  1. It is very exciting and how lovely that you’ve taken time to write about it. Congratulations on your commitment to keep going despite life (and let’s face it, it gets in the way of good intentions). I too am a learner at this regular blogging gig but enjoying the journey.

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