Dream a little dream

The prompt today asks if imagination is more important than knowledge. I think imagination is definitely more important!

Historically, I’ve been a head thinker. I don’t like roller coasters or haunted houses. I don’t do well with the illogical. I remember wishing I could draw an abstract – interpret things in my own way and not reproduce something closely based on what’s already there.

Don’t get me wrong, having both feet on the ground has worked for me. I’ve kept my life even-keeled for the most part with my head nowhere near the clouds. I’ve realized in recent years, though, that imagination – that desire to do something that you couldn’t possibly do – is where it’s at! I’m just learning that dreams are important. Now, knowledge will help you get there, but your imagination is where the thought is born.

My biggest manifestation of imagination so far is paying off my debt. After the divorce, it took a year or so for it to sink in (a) how credit cards actually worked, (b) how incredibly fast interest adds up and (c) that I was only living on one income. By the time all these things got through my head, it was already too late. The debt was insurmountable. I was looking at thousands of dollars that I owed. I thought, with what I make, I could never pay that off. I knew in my head that it would take me a long time, if at all, to get that debt down, let alone gone. Then one day, I went in to talk to someone at my credit union. She sat with me and said, “Oh, pay off this money? That’s totally doable.” She told me to come back will all my credit card statements and we’ll figure something out.

I left the bank with that glimmer of hope and a dream. I went home and I thought about what it would mean for me to pay the debt off and still be able to live the lifestyle I was accustomed to – trips, shopping, eating out – all those things I was sure to have to give up. I started daydreaming about the trips I would be able to afford or the not-cheapest things I would be able to buy.

I went back to the bank and she gave me tips on how to manage money- let’s face it, with debt, there’s no easy way – you can only pay it back with the money you have. What she also gave me was a dream – to have it all paid off. She gave me permission to imagine paying off my credit card bill each month and having healthy savings. Once I thought it was possible, I started amassing knowledge about how to make it happen. I’m happy to say that as of March this year, I had been officially debt free WITH savings in the bank!

If you want to know how I paid it off, leave a comment with a request. It’s remarkably easy. Trust me.

My word today is that the dream is the most important thing- the knowledge will come. Allowing yourself to dream, to want things, to wish for things, even though it might not seem possible is the first step. Once you can imagine it – opening the door of your new home, driving off the lot of your car, blogging every day – that’s the first step in making it happen!


I'm participating BlogHer’s NaBloPoMo Challenge: 31 days, 31 blog posts

I’m participating BlogHer’s NaBloPoMo Challenge: 31 days, 31 blog posts


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