How to get out of debt – the Vikera approach (Part 1.25)

Good morning!

So it just dawned on me that I posted about looking at financial health at the very worst possible time of year – Christmas! (It would be insanity to start a diet now too.)

So here’s my dilemma: should I plough through and finish the second half or should I revive this topic in January when everyone’s financial statement comes in from Christmas? Hmmmm…

I choose to wait until January. Let me tell you why:

1. With 3 days to Christmas, most people are probably looking to spend money to spread Christmas cheer, not cut corners.

2. Part 2 of the plan involves a lot more research and hands-on work, so that’s probably better left for the new year when things calm down.

3. It will take some time to finish your “Ins and Outs” list accurately.

but most importantly,

4. The hardest part is already done.

Now, I consider looking at what it costs for how you live your life to be the hardest part because that is the part you can’t change. It’s already gone. Looking back at a concrete past is sometimes harder than looking forward to an uncertain future.

If you’re more evolved and the past doesn’t bother you and you live your life free of remorse, then perhaps the next step might be the hard part for you. (Strictly speaking, the gap between In and Out will determine how hard it will be, but we’ll look at that in the new year.)

I’ll come back with Part 2 on January 11, okay? Don’t worry, I’ll repost Part 1 as a refresher. Although, with the mall open from 8 am and some groceries open 24 hours, I suspect that when that nice polite envelope from VISA or the bank statement comes in, you won’t need a reminder….nor will I!

Have a great Sunday!



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