Not bigger or smaller, just different

Today’s prompt asks if I’m doing the holidays smaller or larger this year. This year, I’m doing the holidays smaller but larger at the same time. Let me explain.

Since the Big D, I’ve gone back to Trinidad to celebrate Christmas with my brothers on the years I have Kidlet (we alternate Christmas and New Year’s annually) and the years that I don’t, I just bum around town being depressed. This year, we stayed in town and so in that respect, it’s smaller.

Since we haven’t actually celebrated Christmas at our apartment, just Kidlet and I, it was pretty fun coming up with traditions and little things to make our Christmas our own. Turns out, I wanted to host a Christmas dinner at the apartment. Wait, what? What started out as “Come over and I’ll cook for Christmas” is now a variety of ‘from scratch’ Trinidadian dishes. In THIS respect, it’s larger, much larger!

I guess, this year, I’m in the spirit of giving and sharing. Presents are wrapped and under the tree, I’ve already prepped, started or finished most of the dishes I’m making tomorrow, so I feel good! This Christmas isn’t really bigger or smaller for me. Christmas is about spending time with people who you care about and who care about you. That’s it. That’s all that’s required.

So in the end, I guess I’m saying that this year, it’s not bigger or smaller, it’s just different.

Have a great time with the ones you love!


ps. I was so busy in the kitchen, I almost forgot to do my post today. It’s 11.46 pm/Dec 24 here, so I’m still good! *phew* It would be annoying to go 23 days and then drop the ball due to forgetfulness (or maybe it’s absentmindedness).

pps. Okay, off to scare up some cookies for the guy in red.


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