All I wanted for Christmas was this

Whoa! I completely missed yesterday’s post. I wouldn’t say I forgot because I did remember, but that I missed it. *slaps wrist* I was almost at the finish line too, *slaps other wrist* but I press on. Can’t change the past, but sometimes you can make up for it….here’s my humble offering.

Christmas this year was low-key. I had a few friends over and I had Kidlet to infect the air with excitement. I didn’t leave the house for 2 days – except to go to the laundry room. All in all, pretty relaxing and fulfilling.

If Christmas means

  • cooking too much food
  • eating too much food
  • being around people who care
  • opening a present or two
  • staying in pyjamas all day and being lazy
  • missing those that can’t be there with you
  • watching Christmas movies
  • singing and listening to Christmas music
  • hot chocolate

then this Christmas was exactly what I expected it to be!

I hope that your Christmas was just what you had hoped for too!

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