Sometimes you just feel this tall!

Sometimes you just feel this tall!

I took Kidlet for an interlude to Garry Point Park in Richmond. I just decided to go in the morning since we had sunlight for the first time in about two weeks. I packed a bag, warm clothes, charged the camera, looked up driving directions and we were off!

Part of my self-development journey is to consistently push myself. Getting out and being more active is part of that process. Working on my photography is also part of that process.

In that moment, looking at Kidlet bundled up playing in the sand, sunshine in his eyes and my camera telling me I had taken 200 pictures, I thought, “Damn! Sometimes I’m awesome!” I may not always impress myself – Hey, you’re not going to get a gold star every day – but you just have to remember to celebrate on the days that you do overcome the hurdle.


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