I think I’ve caught a bug….

Uh oh! So I haven’t posted in two days and I feel jittery…I spent the whole day today feeling like I’ve forgotten something even though I was very productive today. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Writing this blog has come for me at a time when I am working on my personal development. It seems like now, in addition to cooking at home more, making my bed every morning, keeping the kitchen sink and counter clear and not eating in the car, I have added blogging to things I have started to do regularly.

Maybe that 30-day challenge I started blogging with turned itself into a routine…

Like the other things that I do regularly now, I feel good when I do it and I feel myself becoming much more disciplined. I have stopped should-ing and started doing! Wow! It feels good. With my blog up to 400+ views and almost two dozen followers, I feel the encouragement to continue to present content that will uplift and entertain (I hope!)

Well, that’s all for today.

….slow and steady…..



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