Big news!

So I was just extolling yesterday about how stoked I was to be blogging and guess what appeared in my email last night while I was taking Kidlet to skating lessons? Go on, guess! Okay, you could never guess.


Greetings Vikera! 

I’ve added your post,, as a featured post on today

My article from Sunday – Personal Blog Challenge #1 – was featured on a blogging website – on the front page! WHAAAAT?! I couldn’t believe it! If this is not validation for my fledgling efforts, I don’t know what is! The link to it is here: Blogher link to my article.

I am humbled, excited, grateful, shocked, scared and happy. The funny thing is that I’ve been haunted by this post since I published. No turning back now, I guess.

You know what? I’ve released it into the world now and it will cause harm or it will help. Which one and to what extent, I don’t know. Sharing it doesn’t change the past. Unfortunately, looking back as a wiser Vikera won’t change my past choices either.

Despite all that has happened, I believe in love and I believe in romance. I will find love again. I only wish that I could hurry up and get a boyfriend so I can put to practice what I’ve learned about myself! Who knows? Maybe I think I am, but I’m not ready yet. Maybe I am and HE is not ready yet. I’ll wait! I’ll wait!

Okay, I’m off track. This is about my good news. One day I’ll write about the man I’m looking for and what I think our life together would be like.

Anyway, I just wanted to share my news.

Have a superific day!



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