I sit here…

I took Kidlet to public skating last night. I don’t skate, I sit and freeze while I watch him fall 100 times. (Sigh!) When there, this family caught my eye.

From my observation, I was able to assess that it was a man, his daughter and his girlfriend. I heard him refer to the woman by her name, not “Mum”. I think it was his idea to go skating because I also heard the females mumble about being nervous and him saying, “Don’t worry! I’ll help you.” He helped them both get their skates on and made sure the laces were tight enough. The daughter was wearing protective gear, so it was probably her first time out on the ice.

Anyway, with my little eye, I watched them interact. He held his daughter’s hand while she tried to skate, and the girlfriend, who was shaky, did her own thing around them – close by but not interfering. He clearly has been skating many times before because he skated backwards in front of his daughter and scraped the ice with his skates ahead of her to slow her down while he held her hands. The daughter fell down a few times, the girlfriend skated over and they both dusted her off and then she skated off, leaving dad and daughter to continue their lesson.

I looked at them, each playing their role: him, dutiful, proud, patient parent; happy, loved child; respectful, content partner. I sat in the stands and tears (which came out of nowhere, by the way) slowly ran down my face.

I wrote this poem last summer and it speaks to how I felt last night.


I think of you

on rainy Saturdays

when the light has faded in my room

and loneliness comes.

I think of you

living your life

making sandwiches for work

driving to the movies


that our paths will converge.

But maybe

you are not oblivious

maybe you are thinking about me too

while I’m living my life

shopping for shoes

making lasagna

In the meantime,

I will think of you

and wait.

I will think of you

and wait

until we find each other.


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