A peek inside

I wanted to share with you an excerpt from the book I’m writing. I began writing it late last year and while it’s still a work in progress and the story line keeps changing (who knows what will happen, who knows where they’ll end up), I feel proud of every single one of the 26,000 words I have so far!

“Oh babe!”

He said as he got up and walked over to the couch and sat beside her. He gently scooped her into his arms and she collapsed, sobbing. It wasn’t the cute, TV sobbing either. She couldn’t believe she unravelled like this, but tonight had already held a few surprises. He smoothed her hair and held her firmly to his chest.

He spoke in a whisper,

“Just so you know, you never stood a chance of leaving without us talking first. I couldn’t let you walk away from me. I knew something happened to you to close you off, but now that I know what it is, I promise you that you will never have to worry about anything like that with me. I promise you, babe.

“I know you act tough, but it’s because you’re so fragile. I see you. I know you. I understand.”

She pulled away from his embrace and looked up at him. Her eyes were red, she was trembling and her face was covered in tears and agony. He gently wiped away her tears with the end of his t-shirt. She sniffled and tried to regain what was left of her composure. She looked into his troubled but calm eyes and said with a sad smile,

“The most terrifying thing about all of this is that I think I’m falling in love you, Brad.”

He froze, his eyes pierced hers, and said,

“Wait, what?”


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