One more gift from Kidlet!

So yesterday I was extolling about the admiration and love I have for Kidlet and of things that I’ve learned since I’ve been a parent. Right on cue, last night when I picked him up from daycare, I was reminded of one thing I forgot about being a parent.

You will have someone in your life who will always keep you honest. Kids, especially when they’re younger, have very linear thinking. There is very little grey areas in their minds. Maybe it’s because when they’re young, life is about right and wrong with no technicalities. Once you teach them the rules, especially YOUR rules, they’ll remind you what they are. At first, it’s refreshing, but then you wish they weren’t such sticklers. How often have my own words been used against me? It’s traumatic sometimes, but it’s good.

I’ll share with you a story that my friends enjoyed tremendously. Me, not so much…

I’ve been having hair issues – I’m not really complaining, just frustrated. My hair’s long enough, but too short at the same time, you know? (Just nod your head, even if you don’t know.) While I’m waiting for it to grow out, I thought, I’d try a new hairstyle.

I went to pick up Kidlet at daycare yesterday. I walked in feeling sassy since I thought I looked cute. As with every day, the kids look out the window when they see a car and then announce who’s arrived:

Kidddlllleeettt’s muuuummmmyyyy’s herrrrrrre!” (It must always be said this way!)

I say, as I do every day, “Hi kids!”

Then Kidlet shouts from across the room and points at me,

“That’s fake hair! It’s a wig!”

I blank out for 3 seconds and try not to pass out altogether. The kids all rush to me now, like I was the new exhibit at the zoo.

What? It’s a wig?”

“Can I touch it?”

“Where’d you get it?”

“Can I see it?”

“Did you get it at a wig store?”

Now I’m wondering where the daycare provider was and how should I deal with this. Then finally I hear, “Kids, leave Kidlet’s mum alone. Calm down.”

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, Kidlet saunters over, backpack in hand, parts the crowd and says with authority:

“It’s a wig. My mum wears fake hair all the time.”

Oh dear.

I don’t say another word to the kids and then leave. In the car, I ask, “Why did you say it was a wig?”

The very black and white reply, “Well, it is a wig! Do you want me to lie? Do you want me to be a liar?”

He got me. He got me good!

So that was the debut of my wig. The good news is that any insecurities I could ever feel about wearing it is now out the window! 

Uh….thanks son!


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