Dimensions and reflections

Often things happen to us that are small things and at the time do not seem so profound. Then time passes and when you look back at those tiny things, you see how life-altering they were. Funny how that works, huh?

Here are a few things about me that have definitely added layers to who I am today and the things I’ve learnt through them.


I once bought all of Simply Red cassettes at a garage sale and listened to them until they stretched out. I was seriously addicted! Still love “Words for Girlfriends”!

Lesson: Don’t assume you know anything about me by looking at me. I’m not a cookie cutter person.


I was born with 11 fingers. They tied off the 11th when I was a baby and now I have 10.

Lesson: What’s normal is subjective and just because you’re born different doesn’t mean you’re not still the same.


It my first sports days in secondary school, our team lost one of the fun races because I didn’t know how to tie a balloon.

Lesson: I don’t know everything….not even some simple things.


I lost a Spelling competition because I couldn’t spell “Hierarchy”

Lesson: I’m a visual person. Because I couldn’t hear the “H”, I couldn’t fathom the word. I remember being shocked that the word started with an H.


I took part in (but didn’t win) a beauty pageant as a teenager. My mother sew the dress herself.

Lesson: When you see yourself through your loved one’s eyes, it’s often beauty you see.


There was many a day when I was doing A levels that I didn’t have anything for lunch and had to wait until I got back home to eat.

Lesson: Sometimes you don’t know what someone is going through even though they seem fine. Always be kind.


I’ve had a tarantula on my face (NOT by choice!!!)

Lesson: I’m scared of spiders.


I only started driving regularly about 3 years ago.

Lesson: It’s never too late to learn anything.


I was the Youth Coordinator for a Catholic group.

Lesson: Sometimes we live more than one complete lifetime while on Earth.


I once shaved an inch off the front of my hair because I wanted flatter bangs and my hair was too thick.

Lesson: Teenagers can be stupid and probably should not have access to scissors.


My grandmother had Alzheimer’s and both my grandfather and I took care of her. After she died, I took care of my ailing grandfather after school. When my best friend was sick, before she died, I took time off work to spend the day with her and watch Sugar Ray videos.

Lesson: Grief and loss have always been a part of my life. I’ve also been a caretaker most of my life.


Even though I’ve graduated from university almost 14 years ago, I still have nightmares about not submitting my final essay on time or getting a C and not being able to graduate because I had to do an extra semester to be able to graduate.

Lesson: I have a real and constant fear of failure.


Okay, so maybe this is an overshare on my part, but honestly, everyone comes with a past. Every person has had things happen to them – things that shape who they are today. What I’ve found, in making this list, is that I have accepted my past and have chosen to take the positives from it. What I’ve also learned is that I have a clearer picture of where I’m going because I’ve taken a long look at where I’ve been!

Happy Friday! 🙂


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