Sometimes your heart is your biggest liability. Sure, it shows you how to love and it retains love, but sometimes, the heart can be your worst enemy! Your heart has a way of not keeping up with the times. It holds onto things better left in the past: people, emotions, memories that evoke feelings of security, happiness and a wholeness that no longer exist.

This poem I wrote is dedicated to those who have to build walls around their heart to protect them from people they used to love – people who the heart keeps forgetting to forget.

My poem is called ‘Walls’

I must build walls
Walls that keep me safe
Walls that keep you out

Once, we had nothing
but each other
inseparable, content
our lives subsets
no walls, only the ones
we built around our hearts

Now, there is a wall
built brick by brick
mortar and rock
to keep me safe
to keep you out –
out of my heart

I must build walls
walls that keep me safe
walls that keep you out


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