Help! Taking suggestions…..

Hi out there!

I’ve been busy. I’ve been making changes in my life and pursuing happiness in a semi-major way.

Luckily, for me, I’ve made some progress in my self-development. Things are on track for the most part and I’m looking for more ways to let the happiness find me. I’ve noticed that I’m making better choices and being true to myself and my heart’s desire. I hope I’ll continue on that track permanently because it agrees with me. Regardless of all the progress and whatever I do though, one thing continues to elude me: a partner.

I’ve talked about this before – single life blah blah blah – but this time, I’m not complaining, although I don’t think I was complaining last time either.

Today, let’s just look at the facts, shall we?

Fact #1 – I’m not in a relationship romantically as of today.

Fact #2 – I have not been in a romantic relationship of any kind in months.

Fact #3 – I very much would like to be in a relationship with a mature/smart/witty/kind/honest man.

Fact #4 – I am great at flirting, but I am bad when he flirts back.

Fact #5 – I want to get dressed up and go on a date.

Fact #6 – I want more children.

Fact #7 – I want to feel butterflies again.

Fact #8 – This is probably as good as my body’s going to get.

Fact #9 – The longer I live alone, the harder it’ll be to live with someone else.

Fact #10 – I am not prepared to settle when it comes to a partner.

I’ve set up a poll for the very first time. Let’s have some fun with it.

Hey, I’ve tried everything, and nothing’s worked so far, so anything you can suggest will be very much appreciated. You can always leave me a comment with some great advice and/or encouragement. Marriage proposals welcome! Ask my friends: every year I say, THIS summer will be the summer of love aaaaaaaaaand every summer has been a bust! I need a new game plan for 2014.

Have a great day and THANKS!! xx

[Photo taken by Vikera Hunte. Do not copy without permission.]

[Photo taken by Vikera Hunte. Do not copy without permission.]




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