Ways to feel better about yourself – Part I

It probably wouldn’t come as a surprise to you that I follow a page on Facebook called “Voluptuous Vixens”. This page often brings positive messages about self-image and self-love. One of its recent posts was about how to take care of yourself. I heart that post so much. Not because I just like what it says, which I do, but because I have done a few of these myself and they do feel good and make me feel good about myself.

I want to share the message with you….with my own interjections, of course…..

1. Sleep without underwear every once and a while, it’s good for you. Maybe even try sleeping naked.

While I’ve tried this before, I don’t do it that often. When I do decide to do it, usually in the summer, I lay there in my natural-born state and think, “What if there’s a fire and I can’t find any clothes to put on to get out of the house!?” Then, I think about the firemen and I’m fine. 🙂 My compromise – I ALWAYS keep a t-shirt at the foot of the bed, you know, just in case. Sleeping in the nude is relaxing, for sure, as it allows your body to fully be free for a few hours. Ahhhhh…..I find when I can feel the cool fibres of my sheets, it’s soothing.

2. Take long baths with tea, ice cream, or whatever you please. Throw in bubbles if that’s your style.

I’m not a ‘bath’ kind of person, but every now and then, I can run a bath and sit in there, but the whole time I’m in there, I worry, “Is this how I”m supposed to fit in here? I’m only 5’2″. How does a normal-sized person fit in here? Wouldn’t my knees get cold? How can my whole body fit in here?” That goes on for a couple minutes, but then I can usually relax: just sit, close my eyes and listen to my breathing. Once, I even fell asleep in the tub. Magical. With soft music playing or loud music so that I can sing along? It’s all good.

If you are in Trinidad and don’t have a bathtub, try relaxing in the ocean or at a swimming pool. Same idea.

[As you can tell, it’s not easy for me to relax, but I try to do it and when I do succeed, it does help!]

3. Look at yourself like you look at your best friend. Find the freckles you love, what your eyes look best with, what hairstyle compliments your smile.

I spend a lot of time looking at myself – not in a ‘Mirror, mirror on the wall’ kind of way, but just to know myself: the moles on my shoulders or the freckles on my nose or other things that I’ve noticed. I find when you really know yourself and look at yourself, it’s really easy to see what’s loveable, cute and unique about yourself. Once you know what there is to love, you won’t have to wait for someone else to point it out because you’ll already know.

4. When you look at your naked body in the mirror, only think good things. Say compliments to yourself aloud. Watch yourself smile, and encourage yourself.

It doesn’t have to be when you’re naked. When you leave the house, try to feel good about yourself before you leave. Take a moment to really look at the person in the mirror. Is that shade of red making your skin glow? Is your hair WORKING IT today? Do your legs look fab? Are you wearing awesome shoes? Is your haircut on point? When you look good, you feel good and when you feel good, anything can happen…..

Have a super great day!


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