Ways to feel better about yourself – Part II

If you read Part I and you’re STILL not feeling better, continue reading this list. There might be something in here for you.

5. Take yourself out on a date. Treat yourself to the things you love. You’re alone yes, but there is nothing wrong with that. Remember all the times you were smothered by people and talking crowds, and you only wanted to be alone with yourself. 

(The word ‘date’ in this line almost made me abandon this whole post. I’m so very bitter about my lack of one lately! lol) I am the Queen of doing things alone. While I am extroverted and do feel energized around people, I quite enjoy doing things alone. I went to New York for a week alone. I volunteered for a weekend alone. I go to the movies alone. I go to dinners alone. I go for walks alone. I enjoy my own company and that’s not just because I talk to myself a lot and I am hilarious…because I am. It’s about creating your own happiness. It’s about doing the things that you want to do and not being constrained by needing a companion. No one, but no one likes your taste in movies? Go alone! Who cares? You’ll be sitting in the dark anyway and NO ONE likes to talk during the movies, right? Enjoy yourself! Do what you like! Do what you love! Be happy!

6. Write yourself a love note. Tell yourself your favorite things about you, and tell yourself all the things you want to become. Tell yourself you’ll love you forever.

I’ve thought about doing this before, but haven’t. I have a pretty good list going in my head though!

See the good things in yourself. Have you ever thought, “I”m a really patient person” or you’ve heard enough good things to start believing it yourself? Just like when someone brings you down, you tend to believe it, use the same tactic to boost yourself up. At the end of your day, when you have a minute, think about the awesome things you did that day even if it was just making someone smile.

7. Take pictures of yourself. Selfies are magnificent! Take 500! Take them everywhere! Find the good lighting! Pick your favorite one and realize what a wonderful work of art you are.

If you get ready and dressed to do errands on a Saturday and you look in the mirror at yourself on the way out the door and you think, “Hot d@mn, I look super cute today,” take a selfie! Keep it as a reminder at how effortlessly beautiful you are! Just think, models are models because someone decides he/she is beautiful enough for it. Why not make that decision for yourself about yourself?

8. Acknowledge your accomplishments, all of them. Got out of bed? It’s hard sometimes and it’s been hard before, so honestly great job. Drink lots of water, and at the end of the day congratulate yourself for staying hydrated. Let yourself know when you are proud, and soak up the feeling of “well done”.”

Celebrate your achievements. If you do something that was hard for you to do, think about what a good job you did. Measure your accomplishments by your own standards. Some of the things I have felt good about in the past:

  • staying in bed and not getting up to do chores because because I worked hard all week and I deserve to relax
  • every time I stop eating after I’m full and not continue because there’s still food on the plate
  • when I put myself and my needs first
  • every time Kidlet says “Thank you” without prompting
  • not getting another pair of shoes I don’t need
  • each and every time I’ve written a blog post and hit “Publish”

The point of these things is to prove that you are more amazing than you think and you deserve to be happy! As long as you remember this, every day will be a good day!


Thank you to aavocadobaby and Voluptuous Vixens for this list and the inspiration! You have helped me and others remember that self-love is important. Happiness starts inside, radiates out and then comes back to us!

Have a super fantastic day!



4 thoughts on “Ways to feel better about yourself – Part II

  1. Breakin' Free says:

    Wonderful post! Just about everybody needs to know these tips, because we all have those days where we’re not pleased with ourselves. Some of us more often than others. We all need to learn to love ourselves ❤

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