In a few years, when you are a famous writer, you will look back on this and think, ‘Awww, wasn’t that 2,000 cute? ;)’

So on Feb 19, I published a post about reaching 1000 views and here I am 4 short months later writing about almost reaching 2000 views! I mean, seriously, how awesome is that?! I’m still humble enough not to think it’s no big deal because it definitely is a big deal to accomplish this!

These past few months have been hectic for me: learning about who I am while I was off work, which is not a SAHM apparently. There is a lot going on in my life at the moment, but I’ve managed to write and share stories and events. What HASN’T happened is a new love interest…but I’m not bitter about that or anything…I am happy to share it all with you!

Coming soon!!!

So in the 1,000+ phase, I added a new section called Ready-Set-Point-Shoot, which showcases some of the pictures taken with my trusted camera/friend, Betsy. What’s in store for the 2,000+ phase? Hmmmm…I’ve been toying with the idea of a Trini talk section. There are SO many Trinidadian words that have no meaning outside of the island so I was thinking of doing a Trini Alphabet: twice a week for 13 weeks, I give definitions of Trini words or expressions for each letter of the alphabet. I think it will be fun.

Also, I have created a FB page for the Mind Maze BUT that’s a completely different beast altogether and I’m not sure how to manage it, you know? Maybe that’ll be 3,000+ business. Let’s see how it goes….

Thanks for your support everyone and happy reading!




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