This Monday’s resolution!

Hello boys and girls,

Monday is here again. I’ve made a resolution this week. I want to get back on track with more regular writing. I know I have fallen off the wagon here. I’m still around, but I’ve been struggling to find motivation and excitement lately. I’m in a funk. I’m letting the weight of my troubles hold down my ankle instead of swimming to the surface as I usually do. Until I get out of this funk, it seems impossible to come online and write a wonderful, funny, insightful piece worthy of your time and the energy it took you to click this link! (Hmmm..that last sentence felt a little dramatic! lol)

Don’t you ever feel sometimes that being an adult is just not worth it? Like, being independent or being responsible is just not feasible. That’s how I’ve been feeling lately. I don’t know if it’s the time of year or my impending birthday or the prospect of Christmas on my own again or what it is. Some days, it hardly seems worth the effort getting out of bed to go to work or cook dinner or even get dressed. We all have those days sprinkled throughout the year. For me lately, they’ve been happening more and more frequently. A fact that I’m not happy about.

Photo taken by Vikera Hunte. Please do not copy without permission.

Photo taken by Vikera Hunte. Please do not copy without permission.

Anyway, on to more positive thoughts. I’ve started online dating AGAIN. (So far, it’s in the positive column!) Well, to be accurate, it’s not exactly dating since I haven’t received messages from anyone I want to get to know more. I have also only send two messages, neither of which were replied to. Meh. I think I’m just doing it to say I’m trying to change my current situation. As I explained to friend yesterday, the way I’m online dating is like I’ve cast my line in the lake, tied my rod up to a tree and I’ve gone off to the mall. Technically, I’m doing it, but am I really? lol We’ll see what happens. Oh and I had the consultation for my new tattoo. Very exciting! I’m very much looking forward to it.

I’m going to drag myself up to the surface! Mondays are great for a fresh start!

Having said all of this, this Monday, I resolve to accomplish the following:

  • Post two more pieces to this here blog
  • Put away all my laundry
  • Write the unpleasant letter I’ve been avoiding

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead. I’m determined that you’ll hear from me soon! In the meantime,

I’m going to give this whole adult thing my best shot! ;))



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