This week’s choice – HAPPINESS!!!

I posted this a while ago and I often think about this post. I don’t actually remember what happened to put me in this mood. Maybe something bad happened and I was trying to boost myself, which I do a lot – it’s call the Fake It Til You Make It Pick Me Up Plan or maybe something good happened and I was manifesting the happiness. Whatever the case, here it is again.

Happiness is…..

Happiness is laughing until you feel a tear run down your face.

Happiness is forgetting and then remembering that your favourite show will be on soon.

Happiness is finding a dress in your favourite colour…on sale.

Happiness is catching a glimpse of your smile in the mirror.

Happiness is when your hair does what you want it to do.

Happiness is being told, “I love you.”

Happiness is the warmth of your bed under a comforter.

Happiness is friends who help themselves to the food in your fridge.

Happiness is watching movies in bed.

Happiness is flip flop tan lines from a day in the sun.

Happiness is cooking a meal for your family.

Happiness is a wet nose from a furry friend.

Happiness is a new pair of shoes.

Happiness is a cold drink on a hot day and a hot drink on a cold day.

Happiness is a small hand holding onto a big hand.

Happiness is finding someone who accepts you, flaws and all.

Happiness is the wind as it blows on the back of your neck.

Happiness is singing out loud in the car even if you’re not sure of the words.

Happiness is getting a phone call from someone far away.

Happiness is a first kiss.

Happiness is choosing to be happy every day, regardless of what life throws in your path. It is only when we choose to be happy, we will be happy.

Here’s to choosing to be happy this week!



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