Coming attractions!

Well good morning!

Happy New Year 2014!!

So this is it, huh? A new year! Wow! I don’t know why, but this year, I feel so very hopeful. I think last year, I learned that I have a lot of control over what happens in my life, so this year, I’m starting with a lot more focus and clarity of purpose. The only problem is that now that I can choose to do what I want, I have so many options, I’m a little bit overwhelmed!

Let’s start with my blog. I do so enjoy blogging. I like the discipline and commitment involved in producing something good. I’ve always wanted to do it and now, the time is right and I’m doing it and will continue to do it. Since I started the Mind Maze at the same time I started a one-post-a-day challenge with set prompts, today is the first day that I will be posting my own content. <commence silent panic>

Today, I resolve to come up with a jar of prompts and then pick one and write on that every Sunday for 3 months. (GULP!) My thinking is that when I sit and look at the 12 things I choose to write about, what will be revealed will be the essence of my blog. I don’t have a theme: cooking, writing, music, photography (although my writing may include all those things), so my blog is about something else. What? Let’s find out together. Oh, and I also will be sharing some of poetry, so look forward to that too. (It’s not too obscure, I promise!)

I don’t know where I’ll be taking us, but today is the first step on that journey! I’m excited!!!!



Today’s Hit List

What I hope to accomplish today:

  1. do the Old Navy customer survey to get 15% off my next purchase
  2. Look at resume templates and officially start my job search
  3. create prompts for my personal blog challenge
  4. do 2 loads of laundry
  5. make some kind of pasta
  6. do groceries
  7. upload New Year’s pics to online storage
  8. get the internet working on our new wii
  9. stay off FB!!!

What I’m grateful for today: my ability to still believe in love and romance and the fact that Kidlet will be coming back from his dad’s tomorrow morning!


Polar Bear Swim 2014 The water was about 6 degrees C or  42 degrees F.....brrrrrr

Polar Bear Swim 2014, Vancouver, BC
The water was about 6 C or 42 F…..brrrrrr but still flying the Trinidad flag high!


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