Beach day!

Another day in the big outdoors. With a fully charged battery and empty-ish memory card, I was ready! I’ve taken pictures at Crescent Beach before, so I felt kinda lame taking more shots at the same place, but I tried something new this time. I tried to get what a day at the beach on a sunny Vancouver day is like.

Being born and raised on a Caribbean island, I’ve been to the beach more times than I can count or even remember. The trip to the beach here this weekend had that ease, heat and relaxation that I remember fondly. The scenery might be different, but a hot day at the beach in the sunshine is just as relaxing on this side of the world!

I think it’s worth mentioning that I spent the entire day at the beach in my bikini top and a pair of shorts, so my 32″ waist and my 26″ x 2 thighs were out and I never felt so free! Believe it or not, I have the tan lines to prove it! I took many selfies while in a chair at the water’s edge, but they were all too boobalicious to post!

[Photos taken by Vikera Hunte. Please do not copy without permission.]

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