Oh to be young again!

Remember the last time you had a crush? A couple of my friends have been throwing around the word lately, which feels weird because we’re in our thirties. Aren’t crushes and swooning for teenagers? I am an expert on teenage crushes having had many, many crushes myself when I was younger.

I was looking for a poem to share today and I found this one I wrote last year. From the looks of it, I had a crush on someone who had a crush on me. (I know who it is, but I won’t say. I’m blushing as I’m typing this!) I guess I wanted him to make the first move, which obviously never happened.

Nevertheless, I think crushes are fun. They keep you dreaming, they keep you giddy and nervous and in a constant state of anticipation, which, as an adult, you might need sometimes. It’s even more intense when your crush might have a crush on you! A crush then becomes this vortex of fantasy, a longing and wishing until one day one of you fights back the fear and says, “I think you’re kinda awesome.”


The Crush by Vikera Hunte

He plays with my mind

like a kitten with a ball of string.
He touches, then runs away –
intrigued but scared
wanting to but not wanting to
and then not wanting to but still wanting to

“See you soon,” he says.

Maybe one day
he’ll want me enough to not be scared
Or not want me enough to let me go.

Maybe one day
desire will overcome fear.



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