A new week, a new beginning!


I sat here at the laptop for 45 minutes starting and trashing posts. I had an intense weekend – a lot of introspection, a lot of crying, a lot of laughter – and wanted to share some of it with you. The problem is, it’s Monday….morning….! Who wants to dig deep? Meh. Monday morning is about being positive and putting your best foot forward! The weekend gone is a memory and we are at the furthest point away from the one coming, so this will be the hardest part of the week. I’ll write about my deep thoughts later on in the week when we’ve got a good rhythm to the week going.

For me, Monday is like New Year’s Eve. I spend Sunday night thinking about how I will make the coming week better. Monday morning is full of promise of getting to work on time and other things I would like to accomplish. It’s a new beginning. Some things I have promised to myself on a Monday:

  1. I will pack my lunch the night before every weeknight.
  2. I will NOT eat lunch out.
  3. I will not spend too much time on Facebook in the morning.
  4. I will iron my clothes the night before.
  5. I will schedule my blog posts so I’m not writing when I have to get ready for work.
  6. I will try to think positively at the office.
  7. I won’t let co-workers get under my skin.
  8. I will take my lunch break and spend it away from my desk.
  9. I will plan what I’m making for dinner, so I won’t be scrambling every night.
  10. I will try to be happy and fulfilled because this is my choice, for now.

Every Monday is a chance to do better, especially if the prior week was particularly gruelling. Many days I’ve thought, “If only I had x, then I wouldn’t be in this position right now!”

Many weeks, I don’t accomplish any of this stuff (For example, right now, I have to leave home in 30 minutes and I’m still typing AND lunches aren’t packed! Yikes! *pant,pant*), but I do want to do better. Maybe tomorrow I’ll do better. Every day is a chance to be happy, do better, do more, make different choices.

So for this Monday, I will try to be positive and upbeat, focus on my work at hand at the office and get dinner on the table by 6.30.

The truth is that I may not accomplish any of those things THIS Monday, but there’s always tomorrow! 🙂



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